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Hole-in-the-head disease is an unpleasant looking condition in which eroded pits or holes form on the head, face, lateral line, and (less commonly) the whole body of a fish. HITH is mainly an aesthetic problem, but it can lead to secondary infections of bacteria and parasites.



       The pits may be slightly depressed and brown, grey, or white in coloration. Mild  cases may only have a few spots, whereas serious infections may start to erode        large patches of the face and sides. Erosions usually start as pinhole size defects        and spread outwards.



    Use anti Hole in the Head medicines according to the tank size (Dosage 10 ml per 100 liters)

               #General cure

    Hole in the head can be reversed by removing all activated carbon and conducting large percentage water changes. Greater than 90% water changes may need to be done to reduce the effects of activated carbon. More commonly, cures are made by moving the fish to a new aquarium that has never had fish develop HLLE in it.

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