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ADA IC011 Rotala Rotundifolia 'green' | Aquarium Live Plants

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Brand: ADA
Price per unit: 450

Rotala Rotundifolia Green, also known as simply Rotala Green is a very popular aquatic stem plant within the planted aquarium tank hobby.

Belonging to the popular Rotala family, Rotala Green is commonly found in the midground of larger planted aquarium tanks or as the background in nano planted aquarium tanks.

A lovely bright green coloration can be observed throughout the stem and its thinly rounded leaves. Rotala Rotundifolia Green is quite hardy, not too demanding and will do well if provided with high-quality aquarium LED lighting along with CO2 injection.

Like all aquatic stem plants, Rotala Green should be given room when planted to ensure all parts of the plant are receiving adequate light.

If ideal conditions are provided, Rotala Green grows at a quick pace and will readily product side shoots that can be trimmed and replanted.

To achieve lush, bush-like growth, Rotala Green should be trimmed often to promote this look!

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