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Common Plecostomus | Tank Cleaner | Sucker | 2-3 Inches |

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This species is an aquarium staple. They can tolerate various temperatures, conditions and makeups, including rift water lakes. Since native algae eaters aren’t widely available, the Common Plecostomus is an excellent choice.

The Common Plecos grow much larger than Rubber Plecos or Dwarf Ottos, both of which risk being consumed by your Frontosa for their small size. They may be a bit scrappy when old but don’t do any real damage due to their lack of teeth.

Common Plecos sometimes attach themselves with other cichlids to rasp mucus, but the larger cichlids quickly discourage this behaviour by shaking them off.

In addition to aquascaping with algae, you can keep them full with whole vegetables and sinking vegetarian wafers.

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