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Dophin Ultra-Compact Mini-Heater (AH-1002 | 10 W )

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Product Details
Brand: JBL
AH-1002 | 10 W |
  • Fully Submersible
  • High Accuracy
  • For Marine & Fresh Water
  • Dophin Ultra-Compact Mini-Heater For Fish Tank Aquarium Heater Ultra-compact mini-heater with stylish and luxurious appearance 25 Degree Fixed-auto heater, Suitable For: Less Then 20L/5Gal Special temperature sensor, which is the most suitable temperature in the water tank .It is an automatic heater that automatically sets the lowest 25-26 degrees inside and out .If the water temperature goes below 25 degrees, the red light turns on and the heats automatically When the water temperature is 26 degrees, it stops working.

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