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Red Lava Natural Pumice Volcano Rocks | 1 kg

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Price per unit: 350

Natural Lava Rocks and Stones for Gardens, Terrariums, Aquarium. Decoration Stones/ Rocks for Aquascaping, Fish Tanks and Vases as Vase filler. Use with Succulents, Bonsai, Orchid and Cactus Plants and Planters for Garden craft and decor

1)Remove nitrates from water.

2) Increase oxygen in water.

3) Acts as a natural cave option.

4) Can be used to tie down plants. No shelf life, use forever. Does not decay or decompose. Excellent use in Mulching and for Planter Decorations. Acts as Weed and Insect Barrier.

Conserves moisture and reduces watering. Long lasting colour guarantee- A permanent landscaping solution Ideal for Planting in the Aquarium. Handpicked specifically.

These are natural rocks and hence no two rocks will look similar.

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