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Crypt lucens is a less common type of crypt that can serve as an ideal foreground or midground plant.  The slender leaves are bright green with brown stems and when grown in large groups can resemble tall reeds of thick grass.

 Like other crypts, this plant is recommended for beginners due to its ease in keeping and low care requirements.

 If grown in good aquarium substrate such as Controsoil, the plant can feed through the roots and grow quickly without the need for high light, CO2 or fertilizer dosing.


Crypts can be grown emersed or submerged.  Propagate by splitting the rhizome or cutting off new growth and replanting 

ADA IC091 Cryptocoryne lucens TC | Aquarium Live Plant

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  • Family: Araceae

    Origin: Sri Lanka

    Height: 5-10"

    pH: 6.5-7.5

    Care: Easy

    Light: Low to Medium

    Co2: Recommended but not required

    Propagation: Cut stem and replant

    Growth rate: Moderate to Fast 

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