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Incorporate this highly-versatile aquascaping favorite into your planted aquarium design for branching beauty, dense architecture, and eye-catching coloration.


Easy to care for and instantly recognizable, this interesting Ludwigia will make any beginner's aquarium look like a showcase setup.


Delicate in appearance, but hardy in nature, Ludwigia Needle Leaf, or Narrow Leaf Ludwigia is a beautiful amphibious plant that will grow either partially or fully submersed.


In its fully submersed form, its narrow leaves range in color from dark green to brownish-red. The top of the leaves are typically olive green in color, whereas the undersides are reddish-brown to deep red.


The Ludwigia Needle Leaf makes a good mid-ground plant in the average aquarium, or even placed as a background in the smaller aquarium.


They require a high light intensity of 3 to 5 watts per gallon of full spectrum (5000-7000K) light. The vibrancy of this plant depends greatly on the amount of light it receives. When poorly illuminated, the colors will fade.

ADA IC429 Ludwigia arcuata narrow leaf TC | Aquarium Live Plant

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  • Height: 10-20”

    Care: Easy

    Light: Medium to high

    Growth Rate: Moderate

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