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Power - 3.5 W / High Pressure Air maker I give along with this single way Air pump as additional promotional items for you - air pipe 2 meters and air stones 1 no. when you get your air pump you need not worry about immediately using it. you have to just fix the air pipe to outlet in the air pump and fix the air stone on the other end of the air pipe.


Put the airstone in the water and keep the airpump little above the tank you can enjoy your fish getting air and happily swimming for your delight. As soon as you receive your parcel unwrap gently and connect the air pipe to the single outlet and the other end with the air stone.


you can fix if you want to control the airflow to the tank low, medium high level air flow. Just switch your air pump to power, the air bubbles will give more attraction and more air to your lovely fishes. you can place the air stone between plants, rocks and other aquarium decorations which will give more style and attraction to your fish tank, you will enjoy watching your aquarium Never wet or use this air pump in water.


Keep the air pump above your fish tank water level. If you are keeping it below you fish tank water level, you must use check valve. You can run it for 24 hours. the rubber, and coil spare are available with me you can repair and use it air pumps are useful for tank water aeration and filtration also.


You can use this air flow which comes in the air pipe for action toys and other fish tank decoration which give more fun and style to your fish tank viewing do not move the air pump while its running -- Switch off the power and relocate it.


you need not use any oil or grease for this air pump place the air pump on a thin cushion or piece of cloth which stables the air pump movement. There are big size air pumps also available for bigger tanks. The bigger air pumps you can fix many more air pipe for more action toys in your big size fish tank.

SOBO 028 Aquarium Air pump

SKU: 000017
Sales Tax Included
  • Brand


    Model Number

    SOBO 028



    Power Cord Length

    40 cm

    Power Consumption


    Flow Rate

    100 L/hr

    Maximum Head Height

    10 cm

    Power Source


    Suitable For

    Salt Water and Fresh Water

    Model name

    SB-9903 2Way Aquarium Air Pump Power : 3.5 Watts OutPut : 4.5L/Min



  • No Return and No Refund policy. Because your product will check before packing. During transport it may damage it's a own responsible of customers.

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