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Galaxy Rasbora or Danio margaritatus, Celestichthys margaritatus, Microrasbora Galaxy, Celestial Pearl Danio, Rasbora toei, Fireworks Rasbora, Rasbora Chilli, belongs to the Cyprinidae family, it comes from Asia and inhabits small shallow ponds and rich in vegetation, at most 50 cm deep.

Aquarium Live Fish | Micro Galaxy Rasbora | Pair

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  • They are great for beginners and experts alike, and they thrive in any well-established aquarium that meets their recommended water parameters. 

    These fish stay small, growing no larger than one to two inches, which makes them an excellent choice for small-sized tanks!

    Neon Tetras are very peaceful and make great additions to community aquariums.  

  • No warranty no Gurantee.
    No Return and No Refund policy. Because your product will check before packing. During transport it may damage it's a own responsible of customers.

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