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The glabra petite is not any different from other forms of anubias in the sense that they don't require dirt or sand to grow. The plant just need to be attached to a piece of driftwood or a rock with a twist tie, fishing line, or nylon string. Make sure that you break them into pieces about 2.5 inches long. Also when you plant them, make sure that the rhizomes are about an inch apart. That way they will slowly grow together overtime without overtaking each other.

Aquarium Live Plant | Java Fern Wrinkled Leaf | Microsorum PteropusWrinkled Leaf

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  • The roots systems of these plants are so versatile that they will wrap around and grow into whatever you tie them on to.

    Once the roots have developed a decent network you can remove the string holding them on;

    they will hold on their own.

    Another reason that people like nana petites is because they are very easy to maintain.

    They are pretty hardy and can handle varying conditions quite well.

    It can handle a ph level between 6.5 and 7.5, making it perfect for most aquariums. 

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