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Aquatic Remedies – 5 in 1 Value Pack – Plant Fertilizer – As the name suggests it is a  5 in 1 pack


fertilizer used for plants in aquariums.


A  beginner’s pack that  is best suited for nano planted tanks,


The 5 elements in the pack are as follows:


Plant Food (Macro Nutrients) – 60 ml


Ingredients: Nitrogen, Potassium, Plant growth regulator, Essential macronutrients, and minerals.


Contains macro elements for lush plant color and growth


Offers complete macronutrients formulation


Improves growth, color, the health of the aquarium plants


Enhances: photosynthesis activity hence increases the chlorophyll production.


Plant Health Formula (Micro Nutrients and Iron) – 60 ml


Ingredients: Chelated iron, zinc, copper, cobalt, boron, and other essential microelements.


Contains iron and microelements for vibrant colors, lush growth, and healthy plants.


Supplies essential microelements to boost the plant’s natural coloration and health.


A good blend of aquatic plant micronutrients packed with an advanced formulation


K plus (Potassium plus Manganese supplement for greenish plants) – 60 ml


Combination of Manganese, Potassium, and Trace Minerals for bright green colored aquatic plants.


Regular use of RO water also causes depletion of macro minerals such as magnesium and calcium.


Application of K-plus. plus restores these minerals required for plant growth.


K-plus. plus limit the algae growth as it has no nitrogen or phosphorus residue.


Phyto Carb (Liquid Carbon Supplement) – 60 ml


Phyto carb also increases the efficiency of iron assimilation by plants.


Phyto Carb acts as a primary supplement of carbon along with or without Co2system.


Liquid Carbon and algae control remedy.


Microlife S2 (Bacterial Suspension for plants and fish) – 50 ml


For crystal clear water and quick aquarium maturationLiquid Bacterial Suspension.For ammonia and


nitrite removalBiologically degrades uneaten food, fish waste, and all other nitrogen compounds.




Contains iron for growth and decay prevention


Contains potassium to enhance photosynthesis


Made for rapid absorption


Promotes lush, vibrant growth


Fish and Shrimp are safe.


Note:* Keep out of reach of children

AQUATIC REMEDIES 5 in 1 for planted aquarium fertilizers and liquid carbon

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    50 ml


    10 ml per 100 liter of water.

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