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  • Plant Safe
  • Shrimp Safe
  • Powerful treatment for planaria problem in shrimp tanks
  • DOSAGE :- 10ML/100l , Total doses : Two times, Day1 : 1st dose, Day3 : 2nd Dose.
  • Change 25% of water after 24 hours of product application every time.

Aquatic Remedies Stop Planaria 60ml, White

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  • Combination of Manganese, Potassium and Trace Minerals for bright green colored aquatic plants.
    Potassium deficiency leads to yellowing of leaves, especially at leaf edges & common in younger leaves. Also develops dead or yellow patches on leaves.
    Manganese deficiency leads to yellow spots and elongated holes between plant veins.
    Regular use of RO water also cause depletion of macro minerals such as magnesium and calcium. Application of replenish these minerals required for plant growth. limit the algae growth as it has no nitrogen or phosphorus residue.
    Application: Start to dose after 2 weeks of new tank set-up. You shall apply this product at daily basis also.

    10 ml per 100 liter per week.

    120 ml, 220 ml, 

  • No warranty no Gurantee.
    No Return and No Refund policy. Because your product will check before packing. During transport it may damage it's a own responsible of customers.

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