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The Asian Stone Mini Catfish (Hara jerdoni), also known as the Moth Catfish or Anchor Catfish, is a miniature species native to slow-moving streams in India and Bangladesh.

This gregarious little catfish is a peaceful micropredator that is nocturnal, but it will often leave its refuge during daylight hours when it feels secure.

This catfish is very popular with nano and planted aquarium enthusiasts due to its small size and passive demeanor. 

Aquarium Live Fish | Asian Stone Mini Catfish | (HARA JERDONI)

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  • The Asian Stone Mini Catfish will thrive in an aquarium with sandy substrate and plenty of cover.

    It will be more active in visible if it feels secure, so plenty of decor such as rockwork, driftwood, and plants is key.

    It prefers gentle water flow and requires clean water, but it does not require a particularly large aquarium for a small group.

    It is a peaceful species that is compatible with many other "nano" fish as well as peaceful invertebrates that enjoy similar water parameters.

    Due to its small size, it is often kept with adult dwarf shrimp, although it is possible that this fish will eat small dwarf shrimp fry.

    It requires subtropical to low tropical temperatures.

    It is a highly gregarious species and must be kept in the largest group possible.

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