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Universal Root fertiliser

As a start-up aid and for dosing

Controlled release nutrient supply

with iron and important trace elements

boost growth from the roots up

DENNERLE Deponit Nutriballs – Universal Root Fertiliser Balls

SKU: 000570
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  • Dennerle Deponit Nutriballs are a universal root fertiliser and suitable for root fertilisation of aquatic plants in the freshwater aquarium.

    With the Deponit Nutriballs, you can quickly and specifically balance the nutrients in the substrate, but you can also boost new plants so that they form roots faster and thus develop a strong hold in the substrate.

    With this jump start your plants will grow quickly, grow vigorously and develop intense colours.

    Depending on the plant size, you can easily press 1-4 balls into the root area of the plant.

    With this controlled release nutrient supply can you help your plants to grow.

    You should add new Deponit Balls approximately every 6-8 weeks.

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