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 Quickly transforms the aquarium bed into an active bio-filter
 Improves the water quality, to the benefit of the fish
 With living FB1 humus bacteria – transform sludge into plant nutrients.
Ensures all aquarium plants get off to a good start and develop strong roots
 Kick-starts your aquarium bed into life


SKU: 000568
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  • FB1 SubstrateStart is a highly active mixture of selected bed bacteria.

    All you need to do is spread it onto the layer of DeponitMix and cover it over with aquarium gravel.

    FB1 bacteria are activated immediately upon coming into contact with water, thus transforming the bed of the aquarium into an active bio-filter.

    Living humus bacteria pre-digest nutrients to convert them into a form that plants can use. For a quick, reliable start.

  • No warranty or guarantee done
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    Your product will be checked before packing, so any damage happening during transit is buyers risk. We will not be held responsible for damages after it leaves our shop.

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