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For Extra Growing Power

For lush, strong growth

Plus iron and manganese for colourful leaves

Ideal for new setups and for supplementary fertilisation

DENNERLE PowerTabs – Special Root Fertiliser

SKU: 000569
Sales Tax Included
  • Power Tabs supply aquarium plants with all the important nutrients they need for healthy, lush growth – ideal for heavily rooted species.

    All nutrients are in a form directly available to the plants with immediate and lasting effects. 

    Valuable trace elements such as iron and manganese ensure lush, green leaves.

    Red colours are intensified and attractive markings made clearer.

  • No warranty or guarantee done
    No returns or refunds done
    Your product will be checked before packing, so any damage happening during transit is buyers risk. We will not be held responsible for damages after it leaves our shop.

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