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The Jeneca AS-715 soil cleaner (siphon) is equipped with a very powerful pump powered by a power supply.

This grubber can be used to drain water and fill your aquarium with fresh water during changes, saving you money on the purchase of a lift pump.

The length increases up to 70 cm and two replaceable convenient flasks, one of which has a corner ledge, will allow you to clean both very fine and rather coarse soil, even in hard-to-reach places and the farthest corners of your aquarium.

The kit also includes a wide scraper for quick cleaning of aquarium glass from plaque.

When siphoning the soil, you can use a hose to drain the dirty water or a garbage bag, leaving filtered clean water in the aquarium.

JENECA AS-615B Aquarium Battery Cleaner Electrical Aquarium Cleaner

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  • Model:AS-715 Length:92 CM Max output:530 L/H H.Max: 1.2M Easy to install and use. Telescopically adjustable height for large and small aquariums.

    Press the on/off button on the top, the water in aquarium will be pumped out automatically through a hose for changing water. Also can clean gravel, siphon the fish excreta and other dirt out effectively without requiring a water change.

    With this tool, you can remove the dirt from the bottom of your aquarium. Also be used as a water siphon for water changes, or to empty your aquarium when you connect a hose to outlet.

  • No warranty no Gurantee.
    No Return and No Refund policy. Because your product will check before packing. During transport it may damage it's a own responsible of customers.

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