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Minjiang Aquarium Internal Filter (BL 900F) Sponge Aquarium Filter  (Biological Filtration for Salt Water and Fresh Water)

Type: Sponge

Pump Included

Suitable Water Volume: 50 L

Filtering Area: 1300 sq. cm

Filter Circulation: 500 L/hr

Minjiang Aquarium Internal Filter | Sponge Aquarium Filter

SKU: 000663
₹699.00 Regular Price
₹300.00Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
  • Super-low sound, economical and high efficiency Easy and convenient to install and clean because of double structure Number of canisters chosen depending on the number of fishes and the size of the tank Right-angle and arched exterior combines with aquarium perfectly Make full use of limited space Beautiful and practical.

    Fit for both seawater and freshwater Multi layer dived biochemical system and physical filtration are the best assembling of aquarium. suitable for big size aquarium.

    Product Specification: Voltage-220-240V, Frequency-50-60Hz, H.Max-0.6M, Flow Max-500L/H, Power-6W

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