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The Snowball Shrimp is a selectively bred variant of Neocaridina zhangjiajiensis, and is directly related to Blue Pearl Shrimp.

Care for this shrimp is identical to all varieties (Cherry, Neon Yellow, Blue Velvet, Sapphire, Blue/Black Diamond, Chocolate, Orange Sakura, Green Jade, and Rili Shrimp) of the closely related Neocaridina davidii. 

It is comparably durable as well.  

It is completely compatible with Neocaridina davidii shrimp, but keep in mind that these two species can interbreed.

Snow Ball Shrimp | Live | Freshwater | Aquarium Shrimp

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  • This shrimp is a scavenger and is very useful in planted and nano aquariums. 

    The bulk of its diet is biofilm, algae, and decaying plant matter so it will work diligently to clean up the waste in any aquarium. 

    It feeds constantly, so it displays constant activity. 

    In a less mature aquarium, it should be fed high quality flake and mini pellet dry foods with high algae/spirulina/plant content.  

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