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The Clever Aquatic Surface Skimmer

For dimensions of product, please refers to the photo attached.

This surface skimmer contains a small detachable bio sponge inside, for ease of cleaning.

The flow outlet is made multi-directional so to not create water pressure against one area in the aquarium

Suitable for any size of aquarium and will will help to clean the surface oil or bio film that is hard to remove!

SOBO Surf Clear

SKU: 000897
₹630.00 Regular Price
₹470.00Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
  • The Clever Aquatic Surface Skimmer The aquarium water surface may develop unsightly oil slicks due to fish waste, uneaten feeds and dirty air.

    Oil slicks reduce the amount of gas exchange at the water surface and the air above, which will reduce the amount of oxygen in the water.

    Oil slicks also cause reductions in light penetration into the water. Sobo Surf Clear Surface Skimmer can effectively remove any oil slicks and keep the water surface clean and clear.

  • No warranty no Gurantee.
    No Return and No Refund policy. Because your product will check before packing. During transport it may damage it's a own responsible of customers.


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