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Inhibit the growth of dangerous microorganisms in the water
 Prevent the growth of germs and the reproduction of algae.
Reduce the amount of fish in the environment.


Sunsun AUV 14B UV Sterilizer Submersible Lamp

SKU: 000926
₹3,500.00 Regular Price
₹2,500.00Sale Price
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  • Sunsun UV Light AUV14B 14W is an aquarium UV sterilizer light submersible water clean lamp for pond fish tanks. It suppresses harmful bacteria in the water, destroys microbial DNA, its reproductive capacity is lost, and most of the bacteria and algae in the water are killed, thereby restoring healthy moisture. The tail end is made of insulating material, which is waterproof and safer. Multi-stage seals are available for diving. Special Feature Restores healthy moisture. 

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