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Powerful/safe deworming medication for all fish and planaria control. Fish deworming formula Anti-Worm



Fish conditioning

This involves starving the fish prior to harvesting and keeping them in overcrowded condition for emptying their gut and to make them accustomed to the conditions of transport.


Betta Care

Betta fish are beautiful to watch and are generally easy to care for as long as they are given the space to roam and explore in their tank.


Flowerhorn Care

These large, freshwater fish need an efficient filtration system, and moderate water flow throughout the tank. The Flowerhorn cichlid appreciates water temperatures of between 80° to 89.0°F


Planted Tank Care

Planted aquariums are about as easy to maintain as unplanted tanks.The main extra tasks are adding fertilizers and propagation.


Fish First Aid

Fish can heal themselves if provided clean water, good fish food and isolation from further damage. You may choose to gently net the fish and dab some iodine or mercurochrome on the wounds.


Tank Basics

Choosing a fish tank is a more complex task than many people are aware of. Winning a goldfish at a summer fate and coming home to place the goldfish in a glass bowl is a common habit amongst many.

"General Fish Disease"

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