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ADA IC031 Cyperus helferi TC | Aquarium Live Plants

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Brand: ADA
Price per unit: 450

Cyperus helferi is a Southeast Asian plant that is particularly well-known in Thailand, where it grows both submerged and emersed, on the banks of standing water or in slow-moving water.

Long leaves of Cyperus helferi curve gracefully along the water column. Despite the fact that it is a “rosette” plant, it has a relatively limited root system. At the root of robust, well-stabilized specimens, several smaller plants are generated.

This aquatic plant can develop 50 long and narrow leaves from its center or rosette. Since it cannot endure the constant flow of water, the bush arcs. It has roots that are different from those of other rosette-style plants. The roots of Cyperus helferi have a poor growth pattern.

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