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ADA IC299 Microcarpea minima "merill" | Aquarium Live Plants

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Brand: ADA
Price per unit: 450

Microcarpaea Minima Merrill is a rare aquatic stem plant that grows similar to Micranthemum Micranthemoides Pearlweed.It has been widely distributed throughout Asia and can be seen used in some of the top aquascapes.Microcarpaea can be kept as a foreground plant with frequent trimming or as a mid to background plant depending on aquarium size.If left untrimmed, this aquatic plant tends to grow bushy with small needle-like leaves that will add a touch of bright lime green to planted tanks.We recommend that Microcarpaea Minima Merrill be planted in an already established planted aquarium as it has a tendency to melt and wither if stable water parameters are not present.

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