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Bugs in Gelloo – Complete Gel Diet

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Brand: TAIYO

Bugs -In Gelloo is a complete gel based diet for those who insist in providing the best for their fish. With Black Soldier Fly larvae as their first and premium Ingredient, along with nutrient rich garlic ,spirulina ,Marigold and many more .All these boil down to a diet your fish would be lucky to find in the wild, one to promote a sustained health and development.

Mixing & Feeding Instructions:

  • Add 1 part of the feed mix to 3 parts of hot boiling water. Stir well, do not overmix, For optimal gelling, the combined feed and water should be 1/2″ deep.
  • Let the gel sit for 15 minutes at room temperature until it becomes firm.
  • Cut as described and feed. Store in the fridge for upto 7 days ( treat as fresh product)
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