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Fish, Nutrient Content: Crude Proteins Minimum 2.38%, Crude Fat Minimum 0.56%, Crude Fiber Maximum 3.15%, Moisture Maximum 10 %,Ingredients: Mosquito Larvae, Daphnia, Hydrochloride, Chloride, Feeding Instructions: As per requirement,Dimensions (L x W): 5 inches x 3 inches, Weight: 50g each,Shelf Life: 2 years from the date of manufacturing, Packaging Type: Packet

CHAMPION Special Fish Food Vacation Food

SKU: 000561
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₹70.00Sale Price
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  • Flavour Fish
    Target Species Fish
    Specific Uses For Product Weight
  • No warranty or guarantee done
    No returns or refunds done
    Your product will be checked before packing, so any damage happening during transit is buyers risk. We will not be held responsible for damages after it leaves our shop.

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