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Tips for changing the water: 1. First; put the tip of the water changer into the fish tank, is best to soak it into the water 2. Secondly; constantly move the tip up and down until the water pressure in the tube causes the siphon effect. 3. Finally, under the action of the siphon effect, the water naturally flows from the aquarium through the water pipe to the outside bucket, so there is no need to shake the water changer tip up and down again.

JENECA AS-666B Aquarium Gravel Cleaner

SKU: 000969
₹1,100.00 Regular Price
₹520.00Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
  • Model:AS-666B (tube length 67.5cm/26.57in, hose length 151.8cm/59.76in) suitable for medium and large fish tanks Function: wash sand, change water, suck dirt.

    Manual water changer, gently shake, change water, wash sand, suck dirt, 3 functions .Unique water pressure design, holding the tube and shake it upward and doward, the water can be recycled, the filter can quickly filter impurities in the water, easy to wash sand

    The outlet valve design can control the amount of water freely. The hose made of PVC material is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and highly elastic.Beautifully packaged, more wear-resistant materials to create a package that guarantees transportation safety

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